Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bleeding from the coffee table

Today is May 26. Today is the day I watched Miami vs Chicago(again). But also today is the day my little brother got a staple in his head.It all started when my mom and i were driving home from my last day of tutoring and we were about home when my dad called my mom and told her that my little brother fell off the couch hit his head on the coffee table and got a about half an inch hole in his head. When they were about done talking we were walking inside.We walked inside then looked at the hole in the back of his head. When my mom was done she rushed my brother into the car and drove off to the hospital. They got home like 40 min later and my brother had a staple in his head. Now he has to keep it in for 10 days! What i learned today is to never play on the couch with my older brother. Cause if you do you will be driving to the hospital with my mom,getting ready to get a staple in your head.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The trailer camping

One day last year in April my family got a trailer.A week after we got it we got to go camping in it.Well only my friend Mauri,me,my sister Michaela, my sisters friend Reilly , my brother Chase, and my dad.The reason why other people from my family did not come is because they are not really "camping" people.

The time we left it was pouring rain. Well what would you expect, it was April.Then when we left the rain started to calm down and the sound of traffic started. The time we got out of it was like the time we got to the camping place. I was so excited until like 10 min after we got there. I guess in my mind it was more fun. But after the boring part it was so much fun. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers it was awesome. But the most fun was when we went to bed. So when we went to bed when my sisters friend fell asleep Mauri and i heard her snore different kinds of snores. It was crazy. Mauri and i were laughing all night because we could not sleep!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 9th b-day

My 9th b-day was so fun. We put fabric on flipflops,had a awesome tie-die cake, had cool decorations and 8 ballons with one that smiles. I invited all of the girls from my school class. Every one came, but one girl. 12 girls came,13 including me. The people who came to my birthday are: Cassidey Hayes, Jordan Wick, Rachel Miskol, Mauri Syddall, Kiyomi Miyasaki, Piper Althen,Mackenzey Hayes, Anisa Whincop, Faith Giles, Bella Cho, Paige Longmore, Taylor Phelps, and me Lauren Billat.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Flowers are my Favorite. This is My sisters favorite picture. Hopefully you see why!

My Sister Michaela was practicing her photography skills on me! I look good!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This is Dad, Brendon, Ashlyn, and I we were camping. Is that fun or what?! May 14, 2010 we are getting our trailor and going camping. Michaela is bringing one of her best friends. It will be super fun!